QuickBooks Accounting software

QuickBooks is widely used in Mauritius in many types of businesses but users have not taken the benefit of using all the features as well as in professional training which enables them to make optimum use of the Accounting software.

HLB Appavoo & Associates is a privileged Reseller of QuickBooks which has put in place a dedicated team of professionals in bringing their long experience for the installation, design and implementation adapted to many specific industry verticals. The Hands-On Training of your staff to implement the solution is MQA approved and is subject to HRDC refund up to 75% if you contribute to the ?Grant Levy?.

We currently offer the following QuickBooks Accounting solutions to our clients:

  • Pro: recommended for most categories of business
  • Premier: adapted to industrial structures, wholesalers, hotels and restaurants for its flexibility in handling stocks, transformation of products, etc.
  • Accountant: for accounting firms and very large corporates

Unlike the other resellers in Mauritius, we also recommend front-office and back-office solutions tailored to our clients? needs, with the recommendation of POS and Payroll solutions which better complement the software.

Michael Dhacoo

Email: miked@appavoo.com

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