We offer a broad range of accounting services, from basic accounts maintenance to full compliance and advisory services

  • Data capture and accounts maintenance adapted to your business activities
  • Online accounts maintenance with remote client access
  • Electronic archiving of clients? accounting and financial data
  • Accounts preparation for management purposes together with performance report on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
  • Compilation of annual Financial Statements, Financial Summary and other reports for Statutory purposes
  • Preparation of cash flow, financial budgets and budgetary control reports

Payroll services

Outsourcing the payroll function is your solution to keep cost to a minimum and eliminate the risk of fraud and malpractices at this level. Our services include:

  • Preparation of payroll and other reports relevant to salaries management
  • Calculate untaken leave refunds, attendance and other bonuses
  • Manage salary advances, loans and leaves
  • Automatically integrate data from clocking machines
  • Calculate overtime, taking into account different hourly rates, transport, late arrivals and meal allowances per remuneration orders and labour law
  • Electronic filing & payment of PAYE, NPS, EWF, etc.

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