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About HLB International

Set up in Mauritius in 1989 as a Small Accounting practice, we have always aimed at building more expertise and learning new skills to help our clients at every step of their business development.

HLB International is a global network of independent advisory and accounting firm. We have a history of innovation, collaboration and are dedicated to helping our clients grow across borders. Through the power of 25,000 professionals in 700 offices across 150 countries, we combine local expertise and global capabilities to service your needs. Our members are locally established with deep roots in their local communities yet are closely connected with professionals from across the world. We support our clients as they grow nationally, regionally and globally, ensuring a consistent high-quality client experience and personalised service wherever you operate.

At HLB, we work closely with our colleagues in the countries you?re expanding into and guarantee a seamless HLB client experience and soft landing in new territory.

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